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This program entitles you to 25% OFF purchases, including individual Training courses, Professional or Premium Membership and Event attendance

To receive these savings, you must add your CM Code to your profile.

To do so, simply:

1. Login or create a profile if you don't already have one, you will land on your "My Profile" page

2. Complete Profile (if applicable).

3. Select the “Edit Account Email & Password” link under the “Manage Your Account” section on right-hand side.

4. Scroll down to the "Corporate Membership Code" field and enter CM Code provided above.

Things to do next:

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Training & Workshops at our Live Events

Training: eLearning

All discussions have been integrated into the new BPMInstitute.org! You can start a new discussion here, rate and comment on articles and expand your network of Subject Matter Experts. Your Membership (same Log-In credentials)  also provides you access to  BAInstitute.org and  SOAInstitute.org.

Please contact us directly at corpmem@bpminstitute.org or call Client Services at 508-475-0475, ext. 15 if you have any questions or need assistance.

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Your Savings and Rates

Corporate Members enjoy 25% off Membership upgrades, Events and Training:

Individual Membership Upgrades      
Professional Membership $262 $349 $87
Premium Membership $112 $149 $37
Face-to-Face Rates      
1-Day Training Course      
Super Early Bird $596 $795 $199
Early Bird $671 $895 $224
Late/On-site $746 $995 $249
2-Day Training Course      
Super Early Bird $1193 $1590 $397
Early Bird $1343 $1790 $447
Late/On-site $1493 $1990 $497
eLearning Rates      
On-Demand $446 $595 $149
Live Online      
Early Bird (> 30 days) $596 $795 $199
Late (< 30 days) $671 $895 $224
Half-day Workshop Rates      
Super Early Bird $56 $75 $19
Early Bird $94 $125 $31
Late/On-site $188 $250 $62
Certificate of Training      
Pre-Purchase Program $4,496 $8,309 $3813