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Six Features to Look For in a BPMS to Support Case Management Processes



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Six Features to Look For in a BPMS to Support Case Management Processes

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Implementing new technology brings a range of challenges and this is equally true when the technology in question is a BPMS. These challenges become even greater when the BPMS is to support case management processes. Within this article I outline additional complexities case management processes exhibit, and suggest six features a BPMS should offer before being used to manage these processes.

Many business processes are linear where each process instances has a predictable flow at each stage of the process. The designer can expect to find definitive answers to what happens next at each stage of the process. An example is modelling a payroll system where each stage has clear inputs, and a finite and predictable set of outcomes. I've still to see a BPMS which cannot support linear and predictable processes, accepting that some offer richer functionality than others.

Case management tends to be different. The journey for individual case instances tends to be fluid, long lived and therefore more complex to model and support than linear processes. Process instances often follow non-linear paths, where new information can come to light at any time, requiring the case to revert to an earlier or later stage not directly connected by process...


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Case Study: Chubb Insurance Leverages BPM


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