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The Strange Case of the People vs. Business Decision Management

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Enabling Business Agility Through Real-Time Process Visibility


Independent Industry Analysis on BPM Training and Certification



10 Ways to Tactical Business Success with BPM



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Enabling Business Agility Through Real-Time Process Visibility

Organizations have access to more data than ever before. However, this data is of little value if one is unable to extract intelligent information from this data .Today, what everyone needs is that data converted into meaningful information— presented in customizable, role-based dashboards and with the means to act on alerts and problem areas. Without such information, how can businesses assess their performance— both now and over time?

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Available for a limited time!The Strange Case of the People vs. Business Decision Management

Brian Stucky
Member since May 11, 2005

Brian Stucky
Managing Director, Business Decision Management
Allegiance Advisory Group

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Essays I have authored in the past generally focused on various methodologies and technologies revolving around business decision management – business process, business rules and analytics. I’ve always been quite interested in the past, present and likely future of these capabilities and their application in various real world domains.

For the last several years I have been wholly involved with applied decision management in the financial services arena. While there has been an almost unfathomable amount of turmoil in these businesses over the past several years, I was still very surprised to recently hear a loud cry from the mortgage industry that “technology got us into the trouble that we are in today!” 



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Independent Industry Analysis on BPM Training and Certification


As more and more organizations embrace Business Process Management (BPM) for the design of enterprise organizational and information systems, the demand for BPM training increases.

Many companies claim they’re the best at BPM training. Who should you believe?

Believe what independent research firm Forrester Research, Inc. is saying in the May 2012 Forrester Wave™ report BPM Training and Certification Programs, Q2 2012.



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10 Ways to Tactical Business Success with BPM


Managing change efficiently is a key to business success and sometimes that change is incremental and evolutionary, and other times radical and revolutionary.  Managing change with business process management (BPM) is often thought of as the solution to radical business transformation and it often is.

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As process management begins to blur the traditional boundaries of the organization, a more transparent and accurate decision making process is necessary.

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Data Architecture for Business Architects is a class based on preeminent thinking of the leading researchers in the Information Architecture domain. This course addresses an integrated way of talking about (modeling) Business Value Chains, Value Streams and Business Processes and Information (Data) Architecture.

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Organizations always need to figure out how to do more with less. They need to be more productive with fewer people or scale to meet higher volume levels. There are many ways to optimize resources, increase services or production, and impact the bottom line.

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